Sean Chambers, Cricklewood's family baker

Hello, I’m Sean the baker

I have been a chef for over 20 years and have worked across the world in 3 star Michelin restaurants, luxury resorts in far flung places and market stalls in London!

So, I have done most things that can be done in a kitchen.

Bread always factored in my menus, whether it was baking loaves for the bread trolley, making staff sandwiches or baking croissant fresh for breakfast, my love for flour knows no bounds!!

This all brings me to becoming Sean the baker and starting Sean's Loaf.

I bought a Rofco baking oven, which enables me to bake more than one loaf at a time, so that I could bring fresh baked bread and pastries to the good people of North London.

Now my wife Megan and I run our own micro bakery together, living our dream of owning our own business.

I can deliver to your house (with prior notice) an array of baked goods!

Sean Chambers

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  • Michael C

    “Sean’s Loaf delivers better bread and croissants than any other baker in North London. Every week we get our delivery, and we’ve always eaten the croissants and all five loaves before the next one comes. We’d order more, but we’d eat those too!”

  • Sara Cox

    “Wednesday’s are officially my favourite day of the week thanks to Sean’s Loaf.
    His bread is the best - chewy sourdough, buttery croissants & chocolate twists - all make my mid-week that much sweeter.

    What started as a lockdown treat soon became a subscription - I can’t recommend Sean’s loaf enough."

  • Benoit

    "We’ve discovered Sean’s wonderful loaves during the first lockdown and never looked back since.

    To make things even better (or harder to resist to) Sean offers also some top quality pastries which would transform your week end breakfast into a feast"

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